Sophie B. Hawkins Your Tongue Like The Sun In My Mouth Lyrics

I met a woman from another time

I couldn’t think

But a drink from her eyes

Was like water to wine

She wet my dreams with her distinctive mind

I search the desert for a treasure

And a measure of life denied

I’m driven by cars and guitars and her voice

Ripping up and down my spine

And now I’m giving my life for her sight

To be mine

And in her presence

My fate unwinds

For when her essence

Draws me too near

I can taste her with tears

On my tongue

Like the sun

In my mouth.

I met a man who kicked my front door down

He blew in with the Santa Ana winds

And a half cocked hound

He fits my body like a one horse town

And I was drunk like a vagabond on his street

And I lay face down

And I rode his joy like a child on a merry-go-round

I was young in his eyes

I was sweet on his thighs

I was profound

I was shot like a free bird in flight

To the ground.

I woke this morning from a deadly dream

He was my lover he was my filler

He was my chocolate-colored killer

He was me

I’m built to run

My will is to deceive

But you penetrate severely

I am walking insecurely

On my knees

And I will wait through Winter, Spring and Summer

If you’ll Fall in love with me

I will dance so slowly

You will hardly know I


From Rome

To Madrid

To Paris

On the breeze

My scent will find you

Lost by degrees

From time to time you’ll


With my lips

Or my hands

On your hips

Or my tongue

Like the sun

In your mouth