Sophie B. Hawkins Walking In My Blue Jeans Lyrics

In their lives,

love has hit her face

to save her heart from braking

into feeling

In your eyes,

joy gives way to pain

save your tears for the rain

visions stop at the ceiling

without each other

what would we be

we’ll long to feel free

and in our dreams

we see

what we need


I hardly recognize myself it’s such a strange thing

to find another woman walking in my blue jeans

I’ve come so far and I’ve been so long away

come home

I’m like a photograph whose image is still changing

and then the letter that i never sent to you explaining

all I want is a place for my heart to belong

In our lives,

we have weapons and cures for disease

and their right here in an instant that it takes us to concieve

without each other

where will we go

someday we will know

and if we want to

we will grow

closer and closer together