Sleater-Kinney Hollywood Ending Lyrics

You stay on ’til you’re good and raw

Go back and forth, a little see-saw

Hoping that this ride will end

But when it does you go again


Can’t get that monster

Out of my mind

She’s got my hair and

She’s got my eyes

She follows me wherever I go

Speaking for me and

Wearing my clothes

You hang on ’til your hands are sore

Blistering you still want more

You think there’s something here for you

Go out and buy yourself a clue


In Hollywood where all the lights are low

And truth’s as rare as the winter snow

She wanted a place arid as her soul

Where her only job was never to grow old

When the lights are shining

Will you see my skin

Or just the shell that

I’m packaged in

I’ve held my tongue

And I’ve hid my sores

If I’m less of myself

Will you love me more