Slaughter To Prevail Lyrics

Slaughter To Prevail Crowned & Conquered Lyrics

The cold eyes of seething hatred forever control us

Settle in the minds of chaos and immortality

In the dead heads of my pathetic enemies

I’ll treat my sword like a trophy

As their bodies fall to knees

Blood will stain like all of the disgust of humanity

Know now that we are mortal flesh

Fear my hate I go to the throne

A throne to be covered in blood

You’ll all be sure to watch as I rise

And you all want to kill me

You all want to wear my skin

Open the gates of Hell

Death looks into your eyes

Fear permeates through your bones and they break

By creating this place God made a mistake

There is a war

There is a war

You’re forgotten so go to paradise to create a Hell

A slave of a God born to destroy

Your perfect God made a fucking mistake

And feel to the depths

So prepare to die

You pieces of shit

Violence for the sake

Of the throne

Let mankind die and be reborn as a beast

We are animals

We give birth to death

We are animals

We give birth to death