Sepultura Show Me The Wrath Lyrics

Evil warrior

Fight till death

Sons of war

Kill with wrath

Born in a village

He’s learn to fight

Grew up with strength

His pleasure is to kill

Sons of evil

He is insane

Maniac butcher

He is feared

He doesn’t have religion

Killing is what he wants to false and fools

He there is to torture

Gods of the storm

Infernal death

The blood of victims

Gushes on my hands

Show me the wrath

On the frozen lands

He is born

Living among the barbarian

Violence is his business

He’s forget his sword

On the fire of Pandemonium

Blessed by Hell

Feared by christians

His destiny

Is to keep killing

Wild life

Malign creature

The holy temple

He will destroy

He’ll dethrone Gods

He’ll be emperor of death