Rich Homie Quan Worried Bout’ Shit Lyrics


You can sit back with your feet laid up

In the penthouse suite, you ain’t gotta worry ’bout shit

I’m a go out, get the dough, after that, get some more

To make sure that you ain’t worried ’bout shit

Baby, where the money at? added? where the dough?

Make sure you ain’t ever gotta worry ’bout shit

Put that on my momma and I put that on my daddy

Swear to God, baby, you ain’t ever gotta worry ’bout shit


I ain’t worried ’bout shit cause a nigga like me ain’t got too much to lose

I ain’t got no point to prove, catch his ass slippin’ been in overtime to shoot

I be still catchin’ Charlie, cause I’m still crazy

I might pull up on you and then go like Patrick Swayze

Told that bitch to cum thought I was talking masturbation, but I won

Niggas talkin’ to the police investigatin’, ho know what I’m doin’

Whole lotta gula, lots of paper, you know I run it up

You just sit down nigga, pussy niggas stand it up

I got money to the ceiling, I got lots of hoes, cause I don’t got no feelings

Call me Mr. Polar, all I know is dealer

Since I went solo, these niggas In their feelings, ya feel me?

All I’m tryna get is money, tryna stack a couple dollar all to feed my family

Got some B.E.T awards now it’s time for a Grammy

I still do it for my mamma, shouts out to Tammy

I had to let her know