Remy ma still lyrics

Seems crazy cuz people be thinking that I be changing, but it's really them that be changing, yo
I remember the day, I first signed my record deal with Lyle everything was so good everyone was so proud
I was so very happy, still with my baby daddy
Living with my granny, but we was all family
It's like when the tour begin, that's when the war begin... you would be flipping, ripping soon as I'm walkin in
And I'm so sleepy, could barely stay awake, you don't understand I been in the studio for six weeks
Straight till 4 in the morning tryna finish these songs
And all you wanna talk about is how many times you was calling
And I'm always lying, it's never the truth it never crossed your mind that I could've been in the booth
Tryna hurry up and get back home to you, tryna get these cheues so we could get out the 'jects
I wasn't thinking 'bout no niggas, wasn't thinking 'bout sex... tryna do this show so I could get this dough
All I was thinking was I gotta finish Remy on the rocks and I'm not tryna flop so it gotta be hot
Everybody on my back saying hurry up and drop so I'm asking you, what I'm suppose to do?

Listen y'all, I know it seem like I be dissing y'all
I'm just tryna reach my goals and remain focused but
Ain't shit changed, now, I'm still the same
So wish me well

Sometimes I might scream and yell
But even people with a fan base have bad days but
Ain't shit changed, for real, I'm still the same

You was the only child until I came
See we was buck wild back in the days
I was scared to have a boyfriend cuz you would beat him up
We'd eat cereal together, watch cartoons when we got up
So I couldn't believe that you flipped on me right in the streets for a bitch so weak that ain't got shit but
A fucked up weave and
I'm your blood, your little sister, I started to cry said it must be the liquor
See I almost died when you took sides with her then walked off and just left me there like I was nobody and you really ain't care
Said you would die for me, how you ain't gon' ride for me, how you see me on the block and don't say hi to me
It's all love now, and it's all done now, but you never took the time to apologize to me
It may be hard to see, but it bothers me... I know you ain't gon' let nobody do no harm to me
But you can't be acting like you fathered me... so I'm asking you, what I'm suppose to do?


Mommy you was the one that made me but you didn't raise me
You left me all alone I had to hold my own
But now I'm all grown and far away from home
I know you love me but you did me wrong
I guess it was all the drugs that you was on or the beatings you got from my foul step pops
Remember the time his punk ass had his nerve to raise his hands to me bitch nigga blacking my eye
I was wishing he would die but now I wish him life
I know he seeing me blowing and it's killing him slowly but what kills me is that you watched him hit me, so I'm
Asking you, what I'm suppose to do?