Remy ma my shit lyrics

I'm in my bag now
I'm in my bag now
Bitches really mad now
I know these bitches really mad now

They let me back out
Them bitches sat down
They was frontin', talking mad loud
They in the back now
I brought these bitches Glad bags now
They in the trash now
My Himalayan bringing back two hundred-thou cash now
N-Now I'm sitting in the club with a different bag now
If Pap knew how much it was, he would fucking pass out
See, I never gave a fuck
In them quicker spazz out
I'll exaggerate a bitch and she gon' get dragged out

Pretty Remy with the semi, yeah the queen walked in
'Least I never bite and hold you, these bitches barking
Same bitches shut the fuck up when the girl is talking
Yeah, they, yo, pussy or they don't want no fucking problems

See, they really think they fly, but mami where your clothes at?
Where your Gannis, Where your 'sace, Where your Moschino at?
Where your Louis', Where your 'seppes, Where your KimZo at?
I see your edges is a dub, them shits will never grow back

Now everytime they play this song, they gon' think it's my shit
(My shit, my shit)
Cause I just bodied it
And I know they know what's up, this is Remy Ma bitch
(Ma bitch, Ma bitch)
Yeah I just bodied it
(Bodied it, Bodied it, Bodied it)