Redman WKYA Lyrics

[radio announcer]

This is DJ Sayyyy WHAT?! on this motherfucker

Comin at you live on WKYA Radio from the Brick City

The weather is callin for it to be hotter than a MOTHERFUCKER out there

So crack a brew, roll a blunt, cause the phone lines are open right now

We’ve expanded to cities like Atlanta, D.C., Tampa, Chicago

Dallas, Memphis, Detroit and L.A.

So call in now, 1-800-High-as-a-Motherfucker

That’s 1-800-,High-as-a-MOTHERFUCKER!!

DOCTOR DOCTOR! Tell me how ya do it

Spit hot shit like it ain’t nuttin to it..

DOCTOR DOCTOR! Tell me how ya do it

Spit hot shit like it ain’t nuttin to it..


Yo, when I walk I stalk like a dog (AROOF!)

Writin “fuck ya hometown” on ya wall (AROOF!)

WKYA! Them niggaz that’ll whip out the dick

and piss ALL in your gar-ments

When I come around, son lay ’em down

This Homey the Clown play around so pay it now

Sweepin the block up, Mayor Doc, he in town

Ridin the highway at night to run a deer down; I look for the action

Funk Doc, I don’t look when I’m crashin!

I’m so dope I could bundle cook-up by the aspirin

Gaspin like it’s Aspen, no air

Beef we bring it on with tap shoes and hope the po’-po’ there

Graduated, they said Red would go nowhere (uh-uh)

Now, SOURCE AWARDS, ride a water buffalo there

Polo Gear, holes in it, the fo’-fo’ wear

Ass out, check the weather report for cold air (brrrr)

On your hottest day of the summer, I snowmobile in

Stack new jacks in the Carter, blow the building

It’s WKYA muh’fucker

Bringin trouble your way, so duck muh’fucker!

Yeahh! Two-hundred and fifty-five-thousand pounds

of guerilla shit funk fo’ yo’ ass motherfucker!

Bricks to Brook-nam, we hold it down, PPP Def Squad

Ya tell me once and I’ll tell you again

Pull out the mac-10 and rob yo’ friend, yeahhh!

(Fucker) WKYA (We kickin yo’ ass)