Redman Welcome Lyrics


Our phone are open for all you high motherfuckers


[Redman] Welcome

That’s 1-800-dick-in-ya-boo-tay!!

[Redman] Welcome

[ringing phone is answered]

Aiyyo this is Mad Duke callin from Da Bricks

I’m on the block with Uncle Quilly and Leroy Sweetdick

gettin my smoke on, for you onionhead motherfuckers

Yo this PaceWon from the Outsidaz, dammmn!

Welcome to another nineteen ninety-six Funk Doctor Spock tape

As we take y’all minds on another journey, through the darkside

We uplift you! Def Squad force comin through with the ruckus

Jammin for all knotty-headed peasy motherfuckers, ahh

And for funky bitches, we got a funky thing for you

I said I gets down like that, who am I (Funk Doctor)

(as I kiss the sky)

I said I gets down like that, who am I (Funk Doctor)

(as I kiss the sky)

Bomb traum’, funkier than Haitian underarms

Represent Jersey, the land of firearms

Hotwired cars, emptying cigars

Afros, mofo’s, Omni’s with momo’s

It’s nasty as I come my shit be douche

I used to be the chief instructor for Bruce

Choose your weapon – A FATALITY

Line your crew up now – BABALITY

In nineteen ninety-six bitch ass niggaz all in my mix

On some rah rah shit, get my rah rah dick!

Nuts alert, first sound de alarm on de expert

My network, operate sharper than a Gilette works

Off the corner style Blinds in Knightening Armor

About more Facts of Life than Tudy or Blair Warner

Chi-Town where you at (we got your back)

D.C. where you at (we got your back)

My crew Come Strapped like MC Eiht with nickel plates

Gettin mad Dead Presidents ask Lorenzo Tate

I’m, gettin loot rollin craps in the yard

Can’t be scarred by media, SO FUCK THE MEDIA

Most MC’s are terrible, unbearable

Couldn’t get stupid if you were sliced cerebral

Ahh no need to… act like he’s shittin

Man you’re funnier than Ed Griffin, it’s Red’s kitchen

My infrared’s missin, damn I’m slippin

I’m out of ammo, yo Crossbreed, stick the clip in