Redman Welcome 2 Da Bricks Lyrics

Welcome to the Bricks

The city where the rats will whoop yo mothafuckin’ ass nigga

Yo during the day, motherfuckers work out here, just like anybody else, to make ends meet, you know?

Whether it’s fast food, or transportation. sneaker store, doing hair or straight up strippin’

We gotta get the cash, gotta get the mothafuckin’ dough

Brick City is an industrial city, a cold city, a heartless city

A lot of kids grow up here, man. Wanting to be somebody, you know?

George Clinton called us the chocolate city, 90% black and sugarfree

Lot of famous people from the Bricks baby, better do your homework and check it out you know?

I love the bricks yo, you ask me

On a nice day you can shine your car up, joyride through the hood, hit a cookout, pool party, whatever

Straight up gettin’ your swerve on, whether a bitch or a nigga

Daytime’s the shit out here in the Bricks boy, I love it

But when nighttime comes, the monkeys come out

[*monkey noises*]

Crackheads, hustlers, chickens, carjackers, thieves, hoes, all these motherfuckers come out when the lights go out

Don’t matter how large your crew is, don’t matter what city your stankin’ ass is representin’

Give a fuck how much money you got, nigga

You come to the bricks, you easy prey for a motherfucker to dig in them pockets

Yeah I see you motherfucker!

Yeah we all see you motherfucker!