Reba McEntire My Sister Lyrics

Hey girl it’s me i just called to tell you hi

Call me when you get this

Haven’t talked lately so hard to find the time

Give the boys a big kiss

Tell them that I miss them

By the way I miss you too

I was thinking just today

About how we used to play

Barbie dolls and make-up

Tea parties dress up

I remember how we’d fight

We made up and laughed all night

Wish we were kids again

My sister my friend

Oh yeah before I forget I met someone

I think I really like him

I was wondering if I’m jumping the gun

By going out on a limb

And invite him home for Christmas

To meet the family

Seem like just yesterday

You brought home old what’s his name

He had been drinking

What were you thinking

After dinner he passed out

We can laugh about it now

We’ve learned a lot since then

My sister my friend

Do you think you could come and see me sometime soon

We could just hang out like we used to

It’s late and I should go

But I can’t hang up the phone

Until I tell you

What I don’t tell you enough

Even though at times it seemed

We were more like enemies

I’d do it all again

My sister my friend