Pnb rock i just wanna come back lyrics

I just wanna come back
How did things get so bad
Man I swear it feel like last week
That you the one that had my back
It went from me seeing you everyday
Now all these different women in my face
Now all these different women in my bed
I swear I can't even remember names
I can't even lie, you been on my mind
It's killing me everyday yea
I can't look in your eyes, get between your thighs
And see that look on your face yea
When I eat it up, when I beat it up
When I slow it down, then I speed it up
When you screaming cause it's all up in your guts
But you say don't stop cause you was bout to nut damn
I remember everything
Everything I sent up in them letters babe
No you probably think that it was all a lie
Just give me a chance and make up everything, uh
I just wanna come back, tonight
I just wanna come back
How did things get so bad
Now when I come thru my hood
Why it gotta be like that
It went from us chilling everyday
Now in days I'm barely around the way
And I can tell by the looks on niggas face
That they ain't as happy for me as they say
I can't even lie, it's been on my mind
I been missing all the days yea
When we used to be squad, do it till we die
Now everything ain't the same yea
Now I got it all, I just wanna ball
Hit the mall and spend it all up wit my dogs
Man I swear i hate the way that we fell off
Man I swear I wish these things could be resolved, Damn
But that ain't for everybody
I still got Steff, I still got Shotty
It's still a couple niggas that always kept it a 100 from the hood, naw this one ain't for everybody, Damn
And I just wanna come back
Maybe tonight
I just wanna come back
Tonight, Yeah