Pnb rock a day in the life lyrics

Trials of PnB
Oh yeah
Let me walk you through this day real quick
Just a day in the life, ooh
Let go

I woke up with two bitches I don't even know
But I ain't trippin' 'cause when you on that's just how it goes
I woke them bitches up, told one to help me find my clothes
And told the other one look for some weed, then find a dutch and roll
I got my shit together, I watched them kiss each other
I told them I don't wan' fuck, just watch them lick each other
I hit the door, then the show started getting better
Put it on my soul, you wouldn't believe me if I would tell ya
After that situation, brushed my teeth and washed my face and
Told them hoes I had a good time and hopefully I'll see them later
In life, 'cause I know these hoes ain't right
They just fuckin' me 'cause I'm on now, man all these hoes be trife
Hold up my phone ringin', contact say Chief Leech
Pick up like what's up, she said meet me on PnB
Just headin' out when I pull up, I see Leech pourin' up
I see B pourin' up, I see Wally pourin' up
I said hold up, where my cup?
I need my dope, I need my shot
I gotta watch out for Dollar Bill 'cause he keep makin' the block hot
Other than that, shit gravy
Just had me a baby
They say my buzz growin'
I'm hot now, my hooks crazy
It's Saturday, so you already know
We at Galaxy tonight, bae meet me at the door
Amar meet me at the door, my niggas with me
We lookin' trippy, these bitches choosin', they fuckin' with me
Pop a thirty, smoke some dope 'cause I ain't ever sober
Found another ho and do it over
Wooh, oh yeah