Pet Shop Boys Legacy Lyrics

That’s it, the end

But you’ll get over it, my friend

Time will pass, governments fall

Glasses melt, hurricanes bawl

High speed trains, take us away

North or south… and back the same day

And you, you’ll get over it

You do, you get over it

Seasons will change, more or less

Species vanish, art perplex

Resentment remain, both east and west

Police expect… an arrest

For now, you’ll get over it

Somehow, you’ll get over it

You’ll be there, the king over the water

In despair, recoiling from the slaughter

They’re raising an army, in the North

From York Minster to the Firth of Forth

The pilgrimage of grace, you won’t believe it

Such a human face… when you receive it

And you will, get over it

With time to kill, you’ll get over it

There’s a cruiser waiting, at Scapa Flow

To take you away from all you know

The old man agonized

He really has compromised

Public opinion may not be on your side

There’s those who think they’ve been taken for a ride

You’ll get over it, I’m on your side because

You’ll get over it, and what a ride it was

[four lines of French lyrics]

It’s dark, but you’ll get over it

On your mark, you’ll get over it

That car phone warehouse boy has been on the phone

He wants to upgrade the mobile you own

Have you realized your computer’s a spy?

Give him a ring, he’ll explain why

The bourgeoisie will get over it

Look at me, I’m so over it

And you, you’ll get over it

You do, you’ll get over it… in time