Paloma faith trampoline lyrics

You go up, you go down
Your stomach leaps up into your mouth
You go high, you go low
You aim for North but your luck goes South
But don't look down or you'll get vertigo
There's a world beyond the rabbit hole
I'm a trampoline, I keep bouncing back
Look at me, light as a feather oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Throw your best at me, but I'm an acrobat
High above the trees, you can't catch me on my trampoline
I had you, you had me
Then rebound girl changed history
It gets bad, it gets worse
She kept the main course, but only served desert
While you're deep down there in you submarine
I'll be higher than the eye can see
My somersaults and pirouettes
Take me to a place where I can forget
Call me crazy, but there's one thing I know
You gotta throw away the past like broken glass
Or you just might explore
You'll blow up [x3]
Even quicksand won't keep butterflies
From flying up into the open sky
You won't catch me on my trampoline