Opeth The Night And The Silent Water Lyrics

And so you left us

Jaded and gaunt, some September

Wilted with the seasons

But hidden inside the delusion

I saw you eyes, somewhere

Devoid of death

The aura poises amidst (the storm)

In solid tears I linger

A parlour glade, moonlit sorrow

Lonely resting pools

Relics of the moon-dogged lake

Whisper: “All your words are missgiven”

Am I like them?

Those who mourn and turn away

Those who would give anything

To see you again

If only for another second

Your face was, like the photograph

Painted white

We did not speak very often about it

What does it matter now?

Cloak of autumn shroud

I gaze, dim ricochet of stars

I reckon it is time for me to leave

You sleep in the light

Yet the night and the silent water

Still so dark