Obie Trice Lyrics

Obie Trice P8tience Lyrics

[Verse 1: P8tience]

Keep me in your prayers ‘cause I’ve been drinking Stolis

Riding in a stoley, plotting on a kony

Stomach rumbling, stomach touching, I need to eat

I mean trouble, I’m seeing double, I need to sleep

Living amongst wolves, I’m riding with all demons

I’m just trying to find the way in, no Keenan

If I’m getting armed up, you’re catching it palms up

Chrome squeezing’s an orgy, niggas is all fucked

[Verse 2: Obie Trice]

I’m from the gutter, I’m well aware of suffering

Two brothers, one ratchet, stuck hustling

No love for them, the fuzz, they want to cuff ‘em

Got to feed my loved ones, nigga, fuck ‘em

Clutching the sandwich bag, that’s where the candy at

Addicts rolling in wheelchairs, I serve ‘em handy cats

Thought that’s where my answer’s at, heartless and the [?]

Chasing baller dreams ‘til my carcass in that casket *blat*

Die before I open my eye

Nigga holding the pie, holding the soldier’s pride

‘Cause niggas just living ain’t being alive

If you ain’t feeling what I’m spitting then you’re living a lie

Patience, transition, it takes discipline

Decisions, only shit quakes nigga’s position

One day, you’re in the kitchen, the next, your flow’s sickening

I’m a eye witness, my nigga, is you listening?

[Verse 3: P8tience]

See I was broke, no fashion, gloves on the ratchet

When you was saying “cheers”, O, I ain’t had a glass to

Camera shy, the cannons we buy don’t have flashes

The next nigga out the hood trying to get to Mathis

Obie, give me that chance, I’ll kill for it

Feed the kids, put my face on the billboard

And I know you’re still trying to get a feel for it

But these other niggas, they ain’t got the zeal for it

[Verse 4: Obie Trice]

Sometimes, you’re too real for it

I know your frustration, I’ve been casing that for ages

Seems all the fake niggas taking their vacations

While we’re pushing freebase, facing incarceration

We ain’t floss hating, let the boys get paper

Be patient, yours is in the making

Loyalty never forsaken, lay and get your cake up

Prior breakup never turn Trice traitor

I cry ‘bout what life give ya, that’s your make up

Maybelline cover up your nature, cup up

By any means seem is our equation, fuck’s up

Is being mean until we hit it major, nut up

[Verse 5: P8tience]

Niggas see Pai, pay, it’s mayday, AK

SK, HK, put it in their face day

Drop ‘em in the crate day, leave ‘em by the lake day

Point me to your writers, I’m turning this Al-Qaeda

Nine stamps on the passport ‘cause I’m balling

Niggas calling me a bad sport

I got the answer for niggas who [?] making beef

And I’m turning this to mad cow season

[Outro: Obie Trice]


Nigga P8tience

Obie Trice

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