Obie Trice 24’s Lyrics

[1st verse]

What you got? what you want? what you like? what you need?

Who you with? I don’t give a shit, you come leave here with me

What’s my name? You know that, what’s yours? Never mind

Girl get ya behind in my ride and let’s glide on 24’s

I’m up in the club with a bottle of bub

Got a model and I double up, and you know it’s like that

They wanna give a nigga the goods, wanna give the goodies up

And make for a night cap, tell me what excite that

With that nice ass, make a nigga say “gon’ girl”

Make a nigga wanna put you on chrome, take a bitch home

Get it on toes curl, why don’t come and hop in O’s world

Got the old school parked in the back where the gats at

Where the yack’s at, access, got ’em on the way to the mattress

Pass that, toting hey in the vehicle, two broads with no bras

No draw’s, no flaws, nope no law, I dips out in the car like what?


Got a gang of bitches, getting them riches, sitting on 24’s

Living that life those, that chrome always rolling different from yours

Slow ya role, you know them po po love to get a nigga in a Chevrolet fo’ do’

But I get so low, so low low, so low on them ho’s

[2nd verse]

Dipping through the hood on them thangs with a full tank

Gotta pull rank, with my hand on that 45, fuck what a fool think

Try to take a nigga life when the night come, I’mma light some up like a flare gun

Nine millimeter bare bellum, holding a melon, nigga at the right one

Now a niggaz on the right hunt, got a nice type honey and we into seeing ice and

Bitches wanna get the right come, Trice is the type that lay pipe like python

Parrallel to a pipe line, carousel kinda clockwise, switch ’em in and outta my ride

Get you for them inches I got, hop in the 350 block, let’s roll


[3rd verse]

Hop in the tre-nickle-o-six-four, AC blow, you be nice and cold

Ice on my neck like zero below, she zero in on O, nigga froze a ho

Pedal to the medal, we off to the mo’, bitch get sentimental, fuck the ho

Got an issue, he ain’t gon’ miss you, gotta shit slew of bitches, wishing to fit ya shoes

Ridiculous how I give ’em exit wounds, disrespect, singing an O sex tune

That’s a bet, better yet, Dev is next, get her in the bed and her head is Pez

Best believe that I’m wearing the dress, panties wet, got her in the fanny yep

Fuck it at the rest stop, getting head in the candy Lac on camera

parked in a motherfuckin handicap

[Chorus 2X]