Nicki Minaj Check It Out Lyrics

[Nicki Minaj:]

Step up in the party like my name was that bitch

All these haters mad because I’m so established

They know I’m a beast yeah I’m a fucking savage

Haters you can kill yourself

In my space shuttle and I’m not coming down

I’m a stereo and she’s just so monotone

Sometimes it’s just me and all my bottles, all alone

I ain’t coming back this time

[Chorus –]

I can’t believe it

It’s so amazing

This club is heating

This party’s blazin’

I can’t believe it, this beat is banging

I can’t believe it (I can’t believe it, hey)

Hey check it out

Check it out [x10]

Yeah yeah I’m feeling it now

Check it out [x3]


Step up in the party like my name was Mr. T

All these hating maggots ain’t got nothing on me

Honestly I gotta stay as fly as I can be

If you Wiki “Willy” you get super O.G.

Hunny’s always rest me cause I’m fly fly fly

Dummies they can’t touch me cause I’m floating sky high

I stay niggerrific you don’t needa ask why

You just got to see with your eyes



Check this motherfucker out

It got me in the club, in the club, just rocking like this

[Nicki Minaj]

Da done done

The sun done

Yep the sun done

Came up but we still up in dungeon

Da done done

Yep in London

Competition? Why yes, I would love some

How the fuck they getting mad ’cause they run done

Mad ’cause I’m getting money in abundance

Man I can’t even count all of these hundreds

Duffle bag every time I go to suntrust

I leave the rest just to collect interest

I mean interest, fuck my nemesis

Exclamation just for emphasis

And I don’t sympathize ’cause you a simple bitch

I just pop up on these hoes on some pimple shit

And put an iron to your face you old wrinkled bitch


Oh, we just had to kill it

We on the radio hotter than a skillet

We in the club making party people holla

Money in the bank means we getting top dollar

I’m a big baller

You a little smaller

Step up to my level need to grow a little taller

I’ma shot caller

Get up off my collar

You are chihuahua I’ma rottweiler