Nick Brewer Many Moods Part 4 Lyrics

Somebody put me back in my place,

I needed that like a slap in the face,

So many rap about catching a case,

But they never caught an actual case, I think it’s strange,

And even if they had, why would they speak on that?

And glamorize it as if it’s something I’m needing fam?

It got me wishing and wondering will my brothers learn?

And yeah the youngens are impressed but your mother weren’t,

And she’s the one that was distressed when them others learnt,

The reason that her son dispersed in the summer term,

5 years sounding like a nightmare,

Sitting inside of your cell thinking how am I here?

Full of regret, missing all the things that you couldn’t get,

Wishing that you thought twice right before you took a Tec,

And put it in under the seat with a couple bullets left,

You fell in love with the streets but still you couldn’t get,

The love you wanted back, you’re driving on a ban,

On the back roads, til a car tried stopping man,

It’s unmarked but you’re clocking it’s the coppers fam,

And so you’re driving away but still they followed man,

You got the speakers loud listening to Hollowman,

But now you’re panicking, worrying that it’s happening,

Heart beating and rattling, can’t even be mad at them,

Pull up on the side of the road, you started running,

But in a minute they’re grappling you down on the floor,

They find the gun in the car and there’s little doubt that it’s yours,

You keep your mouth closed, because there’s nothing you can say,

Still a young life, tell me why you chucking it away, huh?

Oh you brave huh, on a wave huh,

Little celeb on your estate huh,

Really I’m just praying that you wake up,

Life weren’t made just for going to grave cause.