Nick Brewer Many Moods Part 2 Lyrics

Nowadays nothing’s sacred,

That’s why he’s got a side chick and a main chick,

I’m feeling like my mind’s been elevated,

But it will hurt inside if I never make it,

So let me face it, I never hated,

I feel to run away on a renegade tip,

I swear that everybody just wanna be famous,

It’s like we put our value all up in a status,

Yeah, Ain’t that funny,

A man got treated nice cause he had money,

While that other guy was looking mad bummy,

But the key to life is what he had for me,

Imagine that, I could’ve missed it,

All cause he was looking different,

Big difference between influence and wisdom,

Like faith and a religious system,

I tell them I’m the same guy, just got a different vision,

So how we seeing life? Do we need a light?

Put the flash on your camera brudda, it’s evening time,

Life’s meanings getting redefined,

We gotta get it on our social media as if we need the likes,

We wanna gram that, then its snap chat, now it’s back chat,

All up on my back like a back pack

I just wanna rap, hearin ‘bap bap’,

Get a little clap and I’m mad gassed,

Wishing I could have that,

Guess I’m a product,

Of a generation that’s always watching each other,

I’ve seen way too much we need to slow it down,

I’m getting worried just thinking of where it’s going now,

Are we going down?

It’s a sign that nowadays nothing’s sacred,

That’s why he’s got a side chick and a main chick,

And if they find out they’d be devastated,

But he don’t mind now, cause his bredrin rates it.