Nick Brewer Many Moods Lyrics

My world’s different (how you mean?),

Life’s cool but my girls missing,

Throwing money down the well I’ve been well wishing,

We’re viewing life through a screen but couldn’t tell a vision,

He said he thought I was hard but I could tell he didn’t,

But that’s the world we live in, say whatever makes them listen,

Yeah, so we talk lies to their face,

Why does it matter it ain’t your life anyway,

Uh, I wanna give them more life like I’m Drake,

So don’t show love if it’s fake,

Same Nick, different day, shine bright if it’s grey,

All the time they been sleeping on me I been awake,

Eating off my dinner plate, still I’m looking thinner for real,

Wish I could say everything that I’m feeling but still,

It ain’t the time yet, mind set’s giving me chills,

The world that we live in is I’ll,

And I just really wanna change that,

I ain’t got a game plan,

A voice in my head said ‘stay in your lane man’,

Another butted in like ‘give him a break fam,

You can do whatever God put in your brain,

Don’t be slipping down the drain’,

That’s what I needed to hear, yeah,

There’s no reason I should seem unaware, yeah,

Busy scheming, all my demons are scared, yeah,

Cause now they’re seeing that my freedom is near, yeah,

So Let me make that clear,

Was in the dark, I ain’t going straight back there,

And I would doubt every word coming out my mouth,

But now I’m feeling proud when I say that, yeah,

I can’t let another man,

Have me wishing I’m another man,

Cause there’s things for me to do that not another can,

I say this for myself and every other man,

And every woman that’s had their head in the gutter,

Anybody who’s been feeling like giving up,

Or like everything you’re doing never is enough,

And then you see another person do the same thing,

And that very same thing starts picking up,

It’s got you feeling stressed,

You’re getting jealous all up in your head,

And you don’t wanna feel the way that you’re feeling yet,

You can’t stop it,

You wanna be positive, although you’re feeling far from it,

And you know you can’t profit, I know,

You gonna let takes its toll?

And take control of all your thoughts, man I pray you don’t,

I pray you don’t,

Only God that can save our souls.