Nick Brewer Many Moods: Jürgen Lyrics

On a German tip

I ain’t ever had a german whip

But I rep for my team like Jürgen did

I don’t really drink too much, my brudda likes the bourbon stiff

Let me work with it

I Made change of words I spit, word to Piff

He put the belief in man, really fam

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him

So I big man up, He was out here doing big man stuff

With a bate face in the bits, had buzz

I was in school trying to get get good grades

Got good grades and my mum proud

Same time he was in London town

If man wanna hype up then he run man down

Told me I just gotta make that call

And let man know where they stay that’s all

Wait, I weren’t on none on that

Told me ‘Thanks but I just wanna rap’

He was like ‘OK, say no more

I’m a put you and your bars on the map’

And he did that

I got about in the bits had an impact

15 years old was a kid man

But I felt like a big man, big man

Don’t ask big man big man questions

I made many mistakes and learnt lessons

Went Blackhorse Road for the sessions

158 back to the ends with all my bredrins

Mixed down tunes and sent them out MSN ting

Playback on a 3310 ting

Now the gyaldem are texting, tempting

And they want more than a friendship

See me though I’m too awkward and pensive

Guess that all of these thoughts I’ve been blessed with

Had a man stressing

But the road that I walk is redemptive

Man invested when he didn’t need to

Saw something in me I couldn’t see too

Gave man the belief like we need you

Feel retrospective I’m free to

So let me tell a man thanks

We ain’t spoken in like 10 years, but still let me tell a man that

I don’t even know where you are man it’s mad

Went down different paths yeah life’s sad

Not sure where you are right now

But I hope that you’re alright now

Big reason I bar right now, studio time for free

And sick beats on the hard drive how

Can I not pay my respect

It meant so much fam I can’t try forget

I believe that you reap what you sow

So I hope that your life is bless

And maybe our paths might connect

Down the line who knows

And when I write new flows

I remember the guy who showed belief

The first time that I rhymed on road

Like ‘Yo!

The white boy’s good you know and the studio good to go

So let’s roll’, and what I mean to say is

I appreciate it man I hope that you know

Means more than these words can say

But I hope that my verse displays that I’m grateful

So I show the respect you deserve

Because you helped make Brew