Nick Brewer Many Moods: Good Man Lyrics

I ain’t any dude,

I got many moods, I just wanna let them loose,

Made a couple mistakes, a few pennies too,

It could’ve been a lot more but anywho,

A little sentimental brudda with a funny bop,

And some pale skin, something like my mummy got,

Trying to dream big, something I ain’t done a lot,

Crowd going up and down like a bunny hop,

I could’ve been old news but it’s a new day,

I’m trying to eat more but still I lose weight,

And I don’t need a lot of time give me 2 takes,

Flow so rare blood I’m like a blue steak,

Really though I ain’t a punchline rapper,

Cunch line trapper,

Run rhymes sunshine fun time rapper,

Old school no tools mums my back up,

Pretty shy guy man I come like dada,

I’m just like my old man,

Choose a bottle of water over a coke can,

He told me that he believed in me and my own plan,

And he set an example there for my whole fam,

Really I couldn’t ask for better there’s no man,

That I met who could do better yet, let Brew recollect,

I was out on the roads with the goons from the ends,

And my dad sat me down in my room on my bed,

Like whoa, spoke to me on a level,

Said I could walk with the Lord or dance with the devil,

Either way that I’m going he knows that I’m special,

And his loves unconditional,

But if I try act bad then I’m hypocritical,

Cause I ain’t that bad, his words were pivotal,

Now I try give them real life in my lyrical,

Cause life’s spiritual,

But really though my dad’s a good man,

My dad’s a good man, a real good man,

I wouldn’t change him if I could fam,

He’s part of the gang,

Ask Barney or Kav,

With the heart of a champ,

That’s my darg are you mad,

I love my dad.