Newsong More Fun Than Sin Lyrics

Sittin’ all alone at home when

Suddenly the telephone rings

My best friend from way back when

Was saying come on out and

Have some fun with me

And I said

I really appreciate the offer

But I’m gonna have to tell you no

Since Jesus came so much has changed

And I’m afraid I just can’t go

He said

I heard you found religion

But never though that it would last

Reading your Bible

Going to church all the time

What kind of life is that

And I said it’s

More life than a man can ever live

And it’s

Much more love than this world can ever give

Well it’s

More joy and it’s

More peace and it’s

Much more freedom than a man can believe

It’s like a party that never, never, never ends

Livin’ my life for Him is

More fun than sin

I know you and you know me

And we go back such a long, long time

I wouldn’t tell you He could change your life

If I didn’t know what He’s done in mine

Trying to fill this emptiness

By living fast and playing hard

It may sound strange but all that changed

When Jesus came into my heart