Newsong As The World Slept Lyrics

There were no palaces or crowns,

Majestic robes or gowns

Waiting for the coming of the King

They were looking for a sign,

Hope in desperate times

A miracle that only God could bring

Many still were dreaming about the day that He would come

Could it be that Bethlehem held the Chosen One

As the world slept, one silent night

A Savior’s born and all creation smiles

As the world slept, one holy night

And to the manger low crept Heaven’s Child

O could it really be that Mary did conceive

And bear the holy One, God’s only Son

As the world slept

While shepherds watched their flocks by night

Behold, an angel from on high

Proclaimed to them the Prince of Peace had come

A star of wonder led the way

To the stable where He lay

The gift of love from God to everyone

Many still were praying for a kingdom here on earth

Could it be that heaven’s answer was in this baby’s birth?