Neil Sedaka Candy Kisses Lyrics

My old lady she’s so sweet and fine

I can’t help it wanting her kisses all the time

I run to meet her like kid with a dollar to the corner candy store

It’s what I’m living for, but I want more than your candy kisses

She starts moving I say honey please

I ain’t foolin’ you know it isn’t right to tease

I tell her sugar you’re a true fine lover, you’re sweet as cherry pie

But no matter how I try, I can’t get by, on your candy kisses

I don’t want our love to stop

If it should stop my heart would break

If the sun should get too hot

It’s gonna melt the icing on our cake

Candy kisses knock me off my feet

Fill me up but leave me feeling incomplete

Fancy wrappin’ and well made trappins will lead me to your door

But what I’m hungry for, is so much more

Than your candy kisses