Nef The Pharaoh Remedy’s Interlude Lyrics


The youngest in it but the man in da house

I remember doin’ bad, bro

Bad was the culture

In high school I roll ’round with a head full of doubts

Thinkin’ there’s no way I’m makin’ it out

Shit, now I’m doin’ big advance, bringin’ fans and shit out

If the businnes ain’t cool than we finish it out

Used to slurge, now I’m stackin’, tryin’ to manage accounts

Doin’ what I love, what I went thru ain’t that damaging now

Only spend ’cause I never could, was used to a drought

Free all my dogs in the pen, don’t get used to the pound

Niggas was born guilty, ain’t no use for a trial

Niggas used to deal the drugs but they usin’ them now

What you know about a check and you talk ’cause you can’t breathe

What you know about a tube in your nose ’cause you can’t eat

Doc told me I coldn’t walk, that was hard to receive

My only goal was playin’ ball, that made it harder to dream

Feel like the higher that I go, the harder it get

But the more shoot my shot the harder to miss

Woke up from my coma in a bed full of piss

Look down at my stomach, seen scars, back full of shit

Hole in my throat, mouth dry, I would beg for a sip

For anything that was ’round, Pops would sneak me a drip

Moms would visit all the time, lean over and kiss

She kissed my skin but my [?] hit, she ain’t knowin’ it

Turn away from me and cryin’ think I ain’t notice

All this pain she was feelin’ inside, was keepin’ me focused

On my dreams, my businnes and vision, bank account growin’

And sat up to countin’ up, this high kinda of emotions

Keep my foot up on the padal, no time for chillin’ and coastin’

On my way to the top, I hear it’s lonely where I’m goin’

Now I’m lookin’ out my window, watchin’ all this rain

Got me thinking ’bout my pain, wish I could watch it away

It just turnt 2017, I cried yesterday

In my mama arms like somebody died yesterday

See, it’s hard sometimes to be the one to stand up

When you can’t stand up, but I still manned

Admittin’ my depression ’cause I’m never too tough

Like this fake ass rappers, they just act too much

Remedy gon’ be himself, that’s one thing that’s for sure

My frown turnt into a smile when my brother opened his door

[Remedy & Nef The Pharaoh:]

All I needed was my family

All I needed was my family

All I needed was my family

That’s the only thing that keep me happy


All I needed was my family


‘Cause they the only people that’ll keep a nigga happy