Nef The Pharaoh Lauryn Hill Lyrics

My nigga Webb made a slapper tho on my grand daddy daughter, nigga

Well lemme talk my shit

I ain’t never heard of what you throwin’ up

I done sipped so much mud, I start throwin’ up

I’m eatin’ steak and lobster on the party bus

You better bring a chop’ if you niggas wanna startle us

I’m out in Pakistan finna package send

The pussy talkin’ Webb my nigga step in there

Have you ever seen a 100 thousand dollars yet?

I’ma make her pay me while you niggas havin’ free sex

I stopped playin’ games back in recess

I ain’t a brat but [?]

I’m out at Georgia Tech with a full TEC

I just did 5 tours, nigga, back to back

I’m still gettin’ paid off of placements

Came a long way from bustin’ raps in the basement

You ain’t got the voice, nigga face it

Boy, he be talkin’ mad loud but never say shit

I’m runnin’ outta ‘woods, I gotta send a runner

I’m fresh off the road, I had a cold summer

Hate to hit you with that new phone, new number

Leave a nigga wobbly like Baby when I shoot the thumper

Cats that be fuckin’ with my baby mama

I could put myself through private school without no problem

Send me naked pictures to my iPhone 7

If you ride with a snitch, I assume y’all tellin’

If you book me for a show, you better book a telly

It’s some friends and real phones not cellys

Made the bitch swallow dope, she gotta rock belly

Put the burner in ya titties, now you too heavy

I got drunk and wrecked the ford, had to cop Chevy

Wyclef, refugee, niggas not ready

Solano fairmont, finna pop a pill

Wearing Polo on a cliff, that a Lauryn Hill