NBA YoungBoy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again) Intro Lyrics

Oh Lord!, Please protect from these bitch niggas!, on a mission tryna get rich nigga, you ain’t a fan you gon’ get it nigga

It started with a dream, I’m only 16, but shit nigga its my time to blow

I started with some niggas bout a year ago, but they ain’t live up to the shit that they’ll talk

But now I’m in it I’m my own boss, now every nigga ’round me NBA they running for

More money more problems, time to go to war, I feel its you or me I ain’t tryna go

It’s just some shit that you don’t do and we know right from wrong

Fuck wrong with you nigga, I don’t wanna do no song

Nigga you know what you did and that shit was wrong

How I feel, nigga play and we gon’ get him gone

We posted on the block, don’t give a fuck ’bout 12

Keep it 100, 100 niggas who never fell

I’m strapped I can’t let you get me outta here

Ky got booked for a Pistol me and P bond him outta jail

We be with that first 48 something, See who gon’ run up on me, bitch who gon’ take something?

City to city I be with it you know how I’m coming, screaming free D Dog RIP Dave until they put me under

Strapped from the belt 2 holes in you bitch no Ferragamo

Running with some steppers, who gon’ stretch you if you trip

You know how we live, you know you ain’t real

Tell him pull up since he say its up there how it is

Meet me by the Canal where Elijah got killed, Pussy!