Mushroomhead Bwomp Lyrics

We’re Piling It Too High

Talk Not Saying Anything

What We Leave Behind

What We Can’t Afford To Keep

There’s No Sympathetic Posturing

There’s No More True Humanity

The Old Ways Aren’t Working Anymore

Let’s Separate The Users

From The Whores

Creepy Crawl

Twist The 4-5 Cap

To Get Wrapped

Tight Slap The Wax

On The Wheels To Feel Alright

Find The Flow Freak

The Funk Like Your In Heat

Wrap The Leaf

Strike The Blunt

now Your In Deep

We’ve Got To Get Together

Got To Get With The Game plan

To Defeat The Dealer

That Dealt This Hand

I Don’t Understand

Why The Kids Are Killing Kids

When The Only One’s That Benefit

Are The Big Whigs

Mankind Unkind

Always A Fine Line

We’ve All Got To Die

And This Time It’s My Time

Hindsight Blind fight

I Hate It When I’m Right

He Destroys The World

While We Sleep At Night

Twist The 4-5 Cap

And Understand That

If It Was Up To Me

I’d Free Charles Manson

Throw It All Away

Let’s Separate The Users,

From The Whores

What Do We Have To Hope For

Why Do We Event Try

Laughed At Religion Long Ago

I Doubt I’ll Be An Angel When Die