Miss may i harlots breath lyrics

We are the ones of the masses take our hands
Compare everything in the world to your pile of nothing
A harlot with death on her breath wont even try to represent
Your breathtaking colors will show to the world
Empires can only dream of something so great
Just lay your head
Lay your head to rest
I'll save the day that this will all come apart
To live is not just to breath
Feel the world in the palm of your hands
Together has never felt so close
Everything will change for this is life
This is our life, death will come before you
Remember this when you are laying on the ground
How does it feel looking up to your love
How does it feel looking up to no one
This could take forever the best is saved for last
Your eyes will deceive you
You think your going to make it out
It becomes hard to swallow feel the air is closing in
You must hold my hand for you are falling faster
This is goodnight
Feel the hours fade away
This is goodnight lay your head to rest