Matt Nathanson Show Me Your Fangs Lyrics

You get a little bit homesick

You get a little bit wasted

I get a little bit locked inside your

Dumpster-diving primitive heart

Like fire, swallowing oxygen

Good liar, you can be anything once

Then you’re gone, gone, gone

You lose track of where the light goes

You used to see me with your eyes closed

But you can’t tell one hotel room from another

His kiss from mine

You swear that you’re unlovable

You swear that you were raised by wolves

But I’m holding on

No, I won’t listen to ya

No, I won’t listen to ya

No, I won’t listen at all

Don’t let me.. don’t let me go

Show me your fangs

You know your words don’t scare me

Go ahead and dare me

I want to drive all night

Climb your walls

Live in your bed

I’ll never give up fighting

I’ll never give up trying

I won’t give up and I won’t give in