Manafest Wanna Know You Lyrics

You won’t call, won’t talk

What’s wrong with ye

We used talk, go for walks

Now I don’t see ye

It’s not the same, like the days

When we used to meet up

You’ve changed in a way

Like you got secrets

You won’t pick up, your mom says ye distant

And I can’t figure this out without your help

I want to know ye, or wanna not know ye

I try to get close ye keep pushing me over

Why won’t you talk to me?

I’d tell you anything

Oh don’t push me away

I want to know you

I want to know you

I’m through with questioning

I thought you felt the same

No don’t push me away

I want to know your thoughts

I want to know your mind

I want to know you I want know you

Let me out this place

Let me into your space place, I want to know you, I want to know you

It’s been two weeks 3 days, I’m not sleeping

I had a dream you were flying this plane leaving

I got a feeling it was real and I wasn’t dreaming

Is it me or not seeing you, has got me freaking?

My self esteem fleeing, a piece of me missing

My friends say I should bail while I’m still breathing

You got to call me, let me know what you’re thinking

I’m free falling, cold, all alone sinking

Sorry this is not in person, but this is not working

I wrote this, hope you get it cause it’s not worth it

Loved people love people

Hurt people hurt people,

You hurt me and it cut lethal

I tried so hard, I was so young

I flied so far thinking it was real love

Now I’m gone so long girl I’ve moved on

I thank God cause he put me with a real one