Manafest Changes Lyrics


Something’s changing my life in the night,

I don’t know what it is ya’ll,

I’m believing it’s Christ he is the light

Who ever would a thought ya’ll

I’m not a dark child just a wild out abounds

Sabotaged God helped me out, beating down turned around

Deep down my soul, each round I go

No peace at home, falling domino

Rolled with the wind tossed in the sin

Coughing, head’s moshing, thoughts banging

Hanging with my crew and, who’s true man

I’m choosing my future groupings Losing my sight looking for life

The fatherless type I might like to iiiii…

Suicides in my thoughts each step I walk

Swallow alcohol with pills to with drawl

It all changed in the night time, the right place

The right time encounters divine see the signs

Die or live hostage, destinies calling

I let this God in, and pose pone an early coffin


Something’s changing I’m aging maintain my saneness

I can’t explain it, my life’s turning pages Yo SCRATCHES

Waking up freaking out, hearing sounds out my mouth

It’s not freestyle vocal chords peaking out

Call the executionist bomb unit

I got new sense to influence, yo ye life lose it

News out my radar they say I got God

Escape the chaos masturbating I stopped jerking off

Halt hold pause falls, calls cuts and cussing

Juggling, knees buckling, pain suck it in

If I’m a new man, the old is ruined

What I’m do a do a do doing

I’m different or I’m just tripping

Limited living edition

Falling on my face, falling on my face

It’s a life cycle dark to light like Michael

Down night all, or Christ read the bible

Enlightening my the thoughts minds on a higher force

I’ve seen the light ya’ll I’ve seen it all