Lil o thug niggaz pt 2 lyrics

Its the return of the big dogs nigga
You know who it is, Fat Rat with the cheese
Hardest pit in the litter nigga, lace your motherfucking boots
This music ain't for cowards

Uh, uh, uh, uh..

[Big Pokey]
I'm a thug nigga, thug clothes and hoes
Tagged toes with calicos, fours and snub nose
Lead four do's, close up in slow mo
Dump it corner store, move it in boat loads
Man boat loads, ducking the vice
Fucking tonight, a late night bucking the dice
Fuck the price, my bitches is boosters
Hit interstate snake, running with roosters
Twoston, Tex, a.k.a. the Clutch
AK for a crutch, I got niggas to touch
More my hood on the hutch, looking for stains
And confront me a nigga, if he look at me strange
Kidnap niggas thangs, snatch niggas chains
Put change on brains, its a fucked up game
I suck up game, and give it back to the streets
A nigga that bring heat, you better stay out my reach

Do you stay on your grind, keep them hoes in line
You quick to bust a nigga ass, at the drop of a dime
You always wanted to shine, you keep dough on your mind
You box a nigga toe to toe, when you put up them nines
Then you a thug nigga (thug nigga), thug nigga (thug nigga)
Thug nigga (thug nigga), thug nigga (thug nigga)
Wig splitta, (hard hitter), pussy splitter, (go-getter)
Fuck them boys hit em with the sawed off nigga

[Lil' O]
Hey I'm a thug nigga, like Nino Brown the drug dealer
Tailor cut clothes, butt fuck my hoes
38 snub nose, I don't play with these punks
See my room is like a hears, a body stay in my trunk
And you ain't gotta like me, you can say what you want
You'll get found in a ditch, body sprayed out with pumps
Yeah them faggot niggas, that probably play with your rump
Once I get the dough, on the first day of the month
And I swear to y'all, I'ma get the Bentley and ball
Pull up mean mugging nigga, I ain't friendly at all
Hoes say I'm arrogant and rude, it don't offend me at all
I'm just real, I don't pretend to these whores, to get in they draws
Just get in the Lac, my partna sitting in the front, I told her get in the
She roll her eyes or talk shit, she'll be getting a smack
And if she go get her brother I just go get the gat, and get to laying him


[Big Pokey]
I'm a thug nigga, I'ma survivor
And if I think that its plex, I'ma aim at your visor

[Lil' O]
Rearrange your body frame, changing like a flat tire
Make slugs eat your flesh, like a flame from a fire

[Big Pokey]
Make him eat his insides, just like a Budwiser
Choke on his own saliva, call me Kaiser

[Lil' O]
Should of been wiser and a lot less flyer
Cause now you in a box, to the left of the choir

[Big Pokey]
Catch me at the Source awards, next to Mariah
Or on a island with Ms. Braxton, eating papaya

[Lil' O]
And you a lier if you say, that we ain't got stats

[Big Pokey]
Every first and fifteenth, we bust our packs

[Lil' O]
2001 matching Jags, we pull up in cats
And hop out in crocodiles, what's fucking with that

[Big Pokey]
And protect they tongues if we think that they rats
I'll leave you asleep on the porch, with a slug in the hat