Lady Leshurr #Shurrprise! Lyrics



Don’t forget the queen

Feeling myself


I’m feeling myself like I lost my keys

Quîng anjìng but I’m not Chinese

Them gyal there, they are not like me

They’ve got dry knees

Cream your face before you chat to me

Turn MJ, get bad to me

Becar them gyal are dead battery

Your lips need some Vaseline

OK, I take it old school like Vodaphone

Macaulay Culkin, home alone

I get a check for the flow alone

I brought a rock with a band, Rolling Stones

Watch the throne because I own the throne

You’ll get broke in two like a Toblerone

Even got your dad in the pub with his mates like “bladdy L mate hold the phone!

This gyal here, she holds her own”

Don’t amp up, lower your tone

If you burn your bridge you’ll go over, thrown

I find it humorous, shoulder bone

Did that click? I’m sick of the tactics

My goal’s to keep her from a hat trick

Magic, book a flight that’s from Gatwick

I’m still dying to soar like Jurassic

Park up

Likkle eedjat bwoi

Lemme bring that back, I said

I’m still dying to soar like Jurassic

Don’t try talk to me cause I’m anti

All my clothes are dear, yeah that’s Bambi

Roll with Scooby snacks like I’m Shaggy

I’m Mrs Boombastic

Make my money stretch, elastic

Eat 2 dumpling and a beef patty

Don’t act up like Drake in Degrassi

I’ll turn a Rottweiler to Lassie (woof)

I’m feeling myself, I’m feeling myself, I’m really my

I’m really myself, I’m really myself

If I need help then I’m ringing myself, I’m ringing myself

Got so many bars that I’ve been in my cell

I’ve been in my cell, bars, phone, ring

It’s not a ting doe

I’ll put ’em in a line kinda like bingo

They can’t talk the Birmingham lingo (0121 don)

I see through them but I always win though (window)