Lady Leshurr Shurraq Freestyle Lyrics

Cameras rolling it’s shooting time

Ride out it’s do or die

Them other girls better move aside

Cus their flows dead so that’s suicide

What’s wrong with these THOT chicks?

Don’t push me that’s mosh pits

You will get a vum my long tun win sen Nishow but no chopsticks

I got chicken wings and some sushi

Never heard of them who’s she?

Music is like a movie and I did time like Lil Boosie

I’m the truth no lying

No Protein, No Iron

Flows so old their wrinkled get them straight no iron


Mean mug

Gyal a get bun heat up

Microwave em a slight delay

I’m spitting all over the riddem like machine guns

Cus they don’t really wanit when I’m on the scene cus

I might just run upon on em and tell em I be boss

Deliver lyrics kill em and that’s what I feed off

Been driven around the city and then we speed off

I’m like VROOM gone keep up

I’m all that and a bag of peanuts

I might DM your man a pic of my Bum

Thirst Trap, Screen Shot

Funny ain’t it?

Get him whipped – Kunta Kinte

Cash flow money plenty

And that shows they wanna envy

In my own lane but don’t drive a car

Drinks are on me I’m by the bar

Shining on em I’m like a star

And my rhymes bizarre

And yeah my lines are hard

And yeah my music videos on BET

I keep winning cus I BET

Only love is what I GET

If you know you kNOw – Oui Oui Oui

I’m a money lover and your hubby loves her

With his love heart eyes hubba hubba

Old School like Hubba Bubba

Mayweather flows and I’ll uppercut ya like

POW! Yeah I’m Lesh to da be

Bow DOWN! When you try speak to the Queen

I SOUND! Like I be a beast on the beat

Beast on the beat?

Bun down a cheif you’re a keif

Like WOW!

Yeah they wanna Lil Bit Of Lesh

Lil bit of that now they wanna Lil bit of this

Hands throw em up kinda like a Lil bit of sick

With a Lil bit of bass and a Lil bit of kick like UH!

Hit em! Clap em! Beat em! Stick em!

I ain’t from Clapham! Streatham! Brixton!

I’m from 0121 Kingshurst!

They’re running their mouth I bet their lips hurt

I know a baby mom that wakes up and checks her instagram she don’t check her kids first

You should of never let the D insert!