KOTA The Friend Waves Lyrics

My son chillin whenever I’m playing Coltrain

Sunday in the kitchen reminding me of the old days

Sittin by the TV, climbing aboard the soul train

Used to want the Jordan 11’s and a gold chain

5 layers of sweaters whenever the snow came

Mama working hard and papa getting the slow gains

Ain’t a part of my history that I don’t claim

Only had bread in the cupboard but it was whole grain

Drug dealing appealing when you ain’t got shit

Niggas getting fresh so fuck you tryna cop shit

Used to rock fake uptowns I got up town

Back room, Ling Ling showing me where the stock is

A lot of people on the hustle for a better day

Some niggas is waitin to catch a better wave

Some people just dickriding to get a name

I be flying over the Rocky Mountains to get away