KOTA The Friend Vanity Lyrics

You ain’t gotta be one of these women that gotta be in designer jeans

In the limelight, I like em when they behind the scenes

Go to Cali when your city pullin five degrees

As long as we agree about the finer things

Keep it honest, I don’t do dramatics

From Brooklyn to Wisconsin, girl yo ass the fattest

And you know that my rapping is capping way over average

So if I really wanted I could really be a savage

But you too, cus you too fine to be alone

In the cold, in a city where it snows

Shawty it’d a damn shame

How you let a nigga get you low

And keep you from your glow, your ambitions, and your goals


Imma come soon, we got smoke blunts and purchase a lotta junk food

We could do whatever you know that KOTA is dumb cool

All you gotta do is let me know and imma come through

So what you wan do?