KOTA The Friend Ultralight Beam Freestyle Lyrics

Rooftop sessions. Pigeons on the ledge came to scoop my message

Never really fit in on the block. No Tetris

Used to eat peanut butter straight, no beverage


I just wanna feed my son

Where the bag nigga? See my gun?

Never really thought about growing old. Because niggas with a dream die young

But that’s first grade

Dammed if I die up in this bird cage

Mama said fuck what the church say… So I never been

Working at a job gettin’ dirt pay

Slit my wrist on a Thursday. 5AM

Woke up I’m alive again

Same dream for the passed week. shit so weird

I live good, get bread. Nigga got no fear

I see heaven from the jet so clear

And that’s real shit

Calling me prophet

Tell my truth. It pays to be honest

If my momma need it I got it

If my youngin’ bleeding I stop it


All my niggas know that I’m bout it

All my women know that I’m solid

If God send that wave then I ride it