KOTA The Friend The Cure Lyrics

I used to give a lot of shits

Now I leave the crib in a dingy tee shirt and moccasins

My ex girl happy, been hearing she gettin married

The devil’s from New York City, the reason I be in Cali

I got a son, no wife, they askin how come?

Cause I ain’t finna settle for nothing lesser than blessings every day

I’m just looking for my place, they too needy for my taste

How much time I’m finna waste, not another moment

Grey goose fly me far away from all the vultures

Solitude got a nigga reaching the impossible

Niggas really thought I was done but shit I just begun

Fuck a diamond, I’m shining like I’m the fuckin sun

They goin blind, it’s blowing they whole mind

They doubted in ’09 now they watching the whole grind

Achilles they don’t find, they feelin these dope rhymes

They sniffin these coke lines, reluctant to cosign the cure