KOTA The Friend The Cactus Lyrics

My mind’s a prison with divine bars

They don’t see the vision, they busy punching they time cards

When you glowing up they ready to call it bygones

Lately I just feed these snake niggas to the pythons

Laugh through the rainfall, I ain’t seen a bad day

Always got my shawty on her toes like it’s ballet

Always showing up for my homies that’s in a bad space

Still the same KOTA when the phonies and the fads fade, ugh

I came from nothing like a seed

Niggas tried to bury me but I turned into a tree

Tryna live clean, I ain’t looking for no beef

But if you actin hard we can take it to the street

Imma Myrtle Ave savage, money inside the mattress

Hand me down Polo assassin, we never had shit

I just wanna sip wine, chill and have a lit time

Learn shit, burn incense and live valid, yeah