KOTA The Friend Sunny Duet Freestyle Lyrics

Sunny day, how ’bout this weather?

I’m feeling lucky like

Oh you think I’m funny, aight, girl I’ve had a crummy life

But I ain’t let it kill me or make me sour, that’s silly

I’m tryna do better daily and turn these dollars to millies

I’m a chill dude

Only am interested in the real you

Nice pictures, Insta facade

And you got minimal time for niggas shootin’ they shot

Good intentions and this cool profession all that I got

Oh yeah, and good dick

And I don’t be condoning the hood shit

And I don’t smoke often but I could roll a good spliff

All I want is more connection and less possession, I need my space

But I see you alone all the time, so you must feel the same

Traded in that liquor for wine, we finna act 25

I wanna swim in your mind, call my jack sometime

Don’t let a nigga fuck with your shine

Believe me I would gladly go blind, thank you for giving your time