KOTA The Friend Sun Lady Lyrics

Sun lady, This is for you

My father told me that life is all about the highs and lows

It ain’t about the way you was it’s where you bout to go

And life is good whether you travel all around the globe

Or if you on the porch every day, playing your dominoes

We’ll hit the park on the way home

Folks waving ask how the day goes

Hash browns and car rides and payphones

Can’t wait to see mommy’s face tho

When she smiles, I smile (she makes me smile)

And it goes for miles (it goes for miles)

She gives me love (she gives me love)

She gives me love (she gives me love)

When I smile, she smiles (she smiles)

And it goes for miles (for miles)

She gives me joy (she gives me joy)

She brings me joy (she brings me joy)

My momma love me, love me, even when I’m being bad

She kiss me even when I’m frowning and I’m acting mad

She be my shoulder when the world got me feeling sad

I could see a doctor, but momma told me it’s gonna pass

She like the cherry in your lemonade

She make every day a better day

And we don’t listen what the weather say

Momma told me it’s gonna rain

Boy you better get your raincoat, raincoat

Boy you better get your raincoat, raincoat

I could tell it’s gonna come down, come down

Here that thunder making drum sounds, drum sounds

Boy, I told we were –

Mommy showered with love

Make sure you pass up the glory to the one up above

And keep on doing your thang, just hope I’m making you proud

I never be what I ain’t, cause that was never allowed

And in the city of cold, is where you gave me your home

But still, wherever I roam, I feel I’m never alone

I just want you to smile, and ever should you be down

Girl just put on your crown, and wear it all over town, and wear it all over town