KOTA The Friend Smile 4:44 Lyrics

Good morn’ or evening friends

I really don’t regret shit

I been through a lot of things, I accept it

Scheming on my demons for a minute ’cause I used to resent them

But now we on the Ultralight Beam to the heavens nigga

Weatheres 25 but it feel like 27 winters

Mad ’cause I’m never bitter, I came up from sabotage

And now they make the stink face all through my catalogue

Got ’em all focused, they callin’ me adderall

Say I got lucky but I never had a dog

I never had a handout, lotta, “We’ll pass,” and “Maybe next time,”

Fuck a blog, and I ain’t rappin’ to get signed

The only thing I’m signing is an autograph

Callin’ every play, I’m the coach and the quarterback

Talkin’ ’bout life, I don’t gotta say I slaughter tracks

I just do it and mix it in with the true shit

Do it for the women on the WIC line

Do it for the kid who been sleepin’ on the six line

Do it for my great great great great grand

Who got raped by a white man and made us tan

Yo it’s a relay, and I’ma take us all to the chip

That baton in the grip

Got the stories of my ancestors all in the BIC

Showin’ love when I’m coughin’ and sick

I’m showin’ up ’til it’s coffin and six, you can’t stop me

My voice heard in project buildings to corporate lobbies

City park, chasin’ my youngin’ is where you’ll find me, love