KOTA The Friend Seven (Interlude) Lyrics

Little mama in the back, baby boy in my lap

Seven colors in the sky, I been fuckin’ with the ride

I been jumpin’ with the tide, ridin’ invisible waves

Gettin’ through critical days, tryna do minimal pains

Seein’ the physical gains, lost in the digital fame

Always goin’ with the flow, I ain’t cut out for the game

Smile bigger through the lows, I ain’t trippin’ when it rains

Tryna see the rainbow, out the way I stay low

Find a place and make home, drop a hat and that’s that

Had to learn to say “no”, say “no” to gettin’ mad

I just stick to my math, oh yeah that’s him again

I know you watchin’ me bubble like Michelin

I made it out of the ignorance, now I just give them the syllabus

Make it and never be bitter, always addressin’ my pillars

I hit the floor then I get up, keep movin’ on like I been up

Go with the grain, trust in my law

Won’t let me in, I bust in the door

Blood in my veins, love in my pores

Son on the way, I’m up in the morn’

Stay in my lane, refusin’ to change

If life it a bitch, I’m comin’ in raw

I gotta create to know I’m alive

To know that there is always gon’ be somethin’ more

Blessin’ to yours

I’ll ignore everybody, ya know, when I’m home

I’ll ignore everybody to spend time with my kid

Doesn’t matter who you are, like doesn’t matter how big the opportunity, I don’t care, you know what I mean

Because at the end of the day, when all of this is done

And I’m not poppin’ and you know, nobodies checkin’ for me

I’m gunna still have a kid, and he’s gunna, it’s up to him

What he, takes away from our relationship, and um and

He still needs to learn things and people always like

People always tell me like “you’re so cynical” but I’m like “one day I’m gunna die”, you know, and so, none of this would matter

All of the work I put in, would not matter, strivin’

Strivin’ for the win, you know, as the Bible would say

And I just, I look at that and I take that to heart because, man

Since none of this would matter, I might as well balance ever-

I might as well balance it and have a good balance

So I can be happy and my child could be happy

These the most important things, you know