KOTA The Friend Retirement Plan Lyrics

I got a girl I’m tryna put a baby in

Stay at home dad life, no one gotta babysit

Drive the kids around the city, meetin’ family

Pickin’ flowers for they mommies, they be smilin’ on the daily

‘Til the sun fall, heads drop, eyes close

Slowly ’til they knocked out, dropped off

Yet another great day, every day a pay day

I ain’t ever worried about my pay grade

This here is a safe space, yes siree, yeah

I don’t come from money but my kids will

Still all they care about is big wills

In twenty years I’ma have a couple beds and my LayZBoy

Tellin’ ’em how daddy was a big deal, get real

They only see me as dad

And all they know is I’m here

And I ain’t ever gon’ leave

They go wherever with me

In 2020 my son is comin’ to every label meet in a seat and learnin’

I’ma teach him the terms

He only three, “Dad, what is perpetuity?”

“Baby boy, that mean that they tryna take all my money

And make your daddy a slave

And take away all your toys so daddy can have some fame

But your daddy is a free man

If they tell us they can do it, we can

Real estate and business shit, boy that’s the key plan

By the time you ten, you gon’ know enough to take all these meetings alone

And you gon’ speak on my behalf, ’cause you big smart

And over all of that you got a big heart

One day you gon’ have your own family to kick start

And you gon’ be the one behind the wheel

With your babies in the backseat

Kickin’ ’em that real life shit, yeah”