KOTA The Friend Pigeon Prelude Lyrics

Stay in on a Saturday

Me and my son playing paddy cake

I said “Fuck throwing up in the alleyway”

Wake up, go to sleep with a happy face

They tryna get their bread

Get it like “Cool what’s next?”

All I wanna do lay my nest

See this world nigga just stay blessed


These days I live for the simple things

My mama travelling Europe

My father sailing the ocean

I send my shawty some roses

I spend my days with my oldies

I live a motherfucking dream

You can’t tell me nothing

Oatmeal cookies in the oven

Thanksgiving pass the stuffin’, oh

Everywhere I’m walking slow

This is all I ever wanted

Going wherever the sun is

Rocking chair you hear me hummin’

Chillest nigga in the function, oh

Every day is like a dream